Specific features of target pulse destruction under impact by an elongated solid

Получена 07 февраля 2023; Принята 25 мая 2023;
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Цитирование: S.N. Buravova, E.V. Petrov, V.O. Kopytskiy. Specific features of target pulse destruction under impact by an elongated solid. Письма о материалах. 2023. Т.13. №3. С.232-236
BibTex   https://doi.org/10.22226/2410-3535-2023-3-232-236


The impulse load wave pattern of the planar target with the simple shaped long-length impactor as a two-dimensional bar is presented. Needle-like spall fracture occurs under shock loading of the target surface with spherical particles.An analytical consideration of the penetration of a solid makes it possible to establish the periodical character of elongated impactor braking, the consequence of which is the target periodical loading with compression pulses coming from the impactor remote regions. The nature of target damaging is spalls, cracks and localized strain bands, which occur in the zones of unloading wave interference, the number of which increases with an increase in compression pulses coming to the target.

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