Impact fracture characteristics of multilayer laminate based on near-alpha titanium alloy

Принята  01 декабря 2022
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Цитирование: A.A. Sarkeeva. Impact fracture characteristics of multilayer laminate based on near-alpha titanium alloy. Письма о материалах. 2022. Т.12. №4s. С.499-503


Schematic illustration of impact specimen cutting from multilayer laminate in the crack divider orientationTitanium near-alpha alloy Ti-6Аl-2Zr-1.2Мо-1.3V was used to manufacture a multilayer laminate by diffusion bonding. The laminate consisted of thirteen sheets stacked relative to each other in a way that they all had common rolling direction. The influence of cutting orientation of specimens on the mechanical behavior under impact loading of the laminate was determined. The results of quantitative assessment of the impact fracture characteristics for the studied specimens was analyzed. The transverse specimens had a higher impact strength value in comparison to the longitudinal specimens. The results of fractographic studies showed the presence of minor delaminations on the surfaces of fractured specimens.

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